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January 20, 2007

Pay particular attention to Part A

Nomad ( writes:

Thought we don't know anything about how the forerunner found ( or, heaven forbid, created ) the flood: nor how the war was fought ( except maybe how it ended). But, while I was reading the book this passage spawned ( no, flood pawn here) an idea (Apologies before hand). On page 351 quote: " the dark times are upon us . .. unsheathe thy swords and smite . . . The ark will be your guide . . .And bless the Reclaimers that may take refuge behind the sharpened edge of the shield . . . . wonder beyond awaits" the made me wonders about this:

A) Why must the forerunner language be so cryptic, poetic and compartamentized?

B) Why the direct reference to the Ark and halo's are a shield / sword combination?

C) What does the events in GoO mean for future of the Halo universe ? (a non-forerunner question but this part of my analysis)


A) Though we don't know what happen during the Flood forerunner war ( if you could call it that). It can or has been surmised that the war was long enough to construct all the Halo structures. This got me thinking, given the floods ability to learn by absorption. What if the forerunner had to dumb down their whole or part of their population. I know, at first, this sounds crazy but think about it. If the whole population was allowed to keep at their education level, then any flood infection on a planet would soon ( or did it? ) make the flood gain intelligence by leaps and bounds ( and make the Gravemind central hive???). The common sense solution would be to have extreme compartmentalization ( the restriction of information). Especially for the "Reclaimer's" (human's ?) since they would be fighting to the Index's ( or the flood on forerunner worlds). This might explain why the forerunner language is so prose-minded.( the forerunner knew their population could understand the information, but had to keep the key pieces of information of the record and plain, so to speak). ( side note, although the above quote is a Covenant translation, it does show that, if the words quoted above are true, then the forerunner writing's would lend itself to the religious overtures of the prophets. since not many, even the prophets themselves might not fully understand their meaning). This theory of mine could also explain the " bit and pieces" crystal that contain map coordinates of forerunner planets and installations. the more crystal piece you have the more installation you know ( as the Covenant have been doing for millennia and as written in the Fall of Reach (FoR)) This could also explain the markings on the black-onyx city that is found later by Blue team and the Spartan-III's. Simple architecture for a population that escaped from the flood ?

Part B) This was possibly mentioned/answered in separate HBO forum posts, but if the halo are the swords and Onyx( a reclaimer shelter) and the Ark are the shields. It does make me wonder if the line "The Ark will be your guide" give credence to the theories that The Ark is a massive planetary scale shielding mechanism that protects Earth. Also, given the forerunner preparation and detail into the halo' s purpose. I just can't see them not having the Ark or other installations reseeding life in the galaxy. as, obviously happen after the halos were fired the first time. ( and by a long strench "Humans as Reclaimer theory" would need human to be remade.) ( IE The ark as a Guide to reseeding life in our galaxy ??) But who knows, maybe as Dr Halsey said in the epilogue in GoO maybe the forerunner plan for the reclaimed couldn't be met due to the flood intercepting the Reclaimer ships heading for Onyx. A mystery we may never get resolved ( to add to the other unanswered questions).

Part C) As to what does the Dr Halsey, CPO Mendez and the Spartan II and III in Onyx mean for the future of the halovers. Well it certainly open's up for these characters to return in any future incarnations of the Halo World. Yet, what every happens for at the end of the story in Halo 3, it should be interesting.

I guess that explains why there's no sign saying: "This is the Flood. They suck" in nice, easy binary code.

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