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January 20, 2007

A face in a dream

Francisco Duarte ( writes:

Duradal concludes, in the end of Marathon Infinity that the hero is destiny, someone in the story page has even said the he discovers that the destiny of the hero is his own immortalaty, I think...

What if Durandal, in that quantum instant, as he describes it, finds a way to stretch a little more his life, to slow down the collapse of the universe, while he tries to discover a ultimate way to escape that fate... And, doing so, he falls into a dream. A machine's dream. And that dream would be a recreation of the realities of his existence... Humanity... Their war with the Pfor... And the Halos would be a way, hidden in his mind, to escape death, by awakening on a new universe. But the awakenning would destroy everthing in his dream. The ancient history and the first firing of the halo would be creations of Durandal's mind. Then appears the flood. Maybe a computer virus, maybe a encarnation of somekind of depression expanding throught Durandal's mind. Being somehow connected with Durandal, the hero would create an avatar in this dream, to save Durandal from this treath, maybe saving him from something else...

Immortality if he thinks it a bad thing. Cortana would be Durandal's conscience. I know this is kinda a longshot. But I think it seems cool. Maybe someone would help with more ideas and theories concerning this scenario.

I am of the same temper as Durandal . . .

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