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April 13, 2007

And now I return to sleep, or study . . . whatever. Stop messing up my etheral talking. The boys do it so much better. At any rate - cool theory to finish with. Enjoy.

ouelletten ( writes:

I have heard alot about the controversy between whether or not Flood infect dead hosts. Thanks to the "Freaked-out-as-hell" marine firing on you with a pistol and yelling thing about being attacked by the flood on 343 Guilty Spark, we know that he evaded them by "Playing dead, they took the live ones" I believe I know why. If the forerunners weren't human, then that was the Floods first ever encounter with the human race and they wanted to gather as much information from them as possible. Any dead specimens wouldn't allow them to extract information from thier brain, or at least it would be difficult. With the specimen alive, they can "interrogate" it and get information directly. And considering all the Covenant Flood we see on the way out, I'd say they didn't need that many more rienforcements, although we do see few human combat forms those might have been infected and taken over for easier transportation. Point is, thay can infect dead hosts, but didn't in that case because they needed thier subjects alive. One thing still bothers me, on Jenkin's helmcam you see them inspecting a dead elite with it's "insides scrambled". Why? Why did they kill the elite but didn't infect it? Also the abundance of dead jackels and grunts laying around, usually in pools of gront blood all over the floor and walls (overkill much?) When going down an elevator (don't remember which) in 343 Guilty Spark, if you look up, you see TONS of grunt blood on the walls. This seems to be a waste to me, and if the Flood are as intelligent as they are supposed to be (and we know them to be) then I'm curious as to why they would waste perfectly good hosts.

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