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April 13, 2007

I wandered lonely as a cloud, that floats o'er hill & dale...

DHalo ( writes:

is being analyzed again, as Marty has said:
That it has not been solved as of yet.
What if the voice in the poem is the "formidable" construct Cortana mentioned was fighting back before the Chief took off on the ship? Possibly Forerunner? Wanting forgiveness for his and his creator's crimes against God for harboring such horrid creatures as the Flood?
For a possible theory...The Forerunner, before they died, possibly realized there is a God, and left this AI behind to seek a way to stop the never ending cycle that is the Halos. What do I mean by never ending cycle? As the poem says, time has no end, no beginning, no purpose. (or maybe, more precisely, the AI's time) What if this is eluding to the a loop that the Halos create? I think the Halos constantly kill and recreate life, to then kill it again sometime in the future, and this AI wants to break a possible cycle. However the last line suggests it is still as morbid as his predecessors, as he "lives to see death, destruction, ____ over the light." Just some food for thought.

Food for thought, you say ...tae a haggis! Great chieftain o' the puddin' race!

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