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September 17, 2007

I'm not a huge fan of the 'Forerunner=humans' thought, so I quite liked this one. You'd be forgiven for thinking I use this page simply to further my own pet theories.

Binks ( writes:

I have a fairly simple theory that may help discussion of what Guilty Spark means in Halo when he talks about Master Chief's poor choice of class 2 armor. Most of what I've seen thusfar has assumed that Guilty Spark was talking about a more powerful Mjolnir looking armor when he says MC should have upgraded to class 12. However I don't believe that Forerunner armor looked anything like Mjolnir, that, in reality, Forerunner armor looks nothing like human. I mean, 343 is a highly advanced robot obviously capable of interaction with Forerunner technology. Given that why would he use visual analysis to determine the classification of MC's armor? I think it's safe to assume that 343 has a good number of advanced sensor systems and is capable of scanning MC's armor and getting it's specifications quickly.

My theory is, therefore, that 343 determined that the Master Chief's armor had a power source and shield mechanism rated as class 2 and since those are the most important parts of armor (Given the Forerunner's advanced technology I think it's safe to assume their armor was shielded, and that that shielding was their primary defense, similar to how the Elite's use shields) Guilty Spark decided that MC was wearing a class 2 battle skin, no matter that it looks vastly different from the class 2 specifications in his database, it obviously has the same function.

Now the question is why would Mjolnir shielding look anything like Forerunner shielding? That's a pretty obvious question, the Covenant found Forerunner shielding technology and adapted it for their ships and some of their soldiers. (In the process they probably weakened it a good deal, probably cutting it's capabilities down a lot, similar to their inefficient plasma weapons on their ships, perhaps even 1/6 as efficient?) Humanity then gets a hold of these shields from the Covenant and improves them slightly and gives them to MC, who's now wearing Human converted Covenant adapted Forerunner shield technology. The odds aren't bad that MC's shield generation system matched Forerunner, given that the Covenant probably duplicated the Forerunner system perfectly and Humanity, not knowing how shields work very well, would have duplicated the Covenant duplications. A copy of a copy probably won't match the original, but would be close enough for a (semi-insane) Forerunner robot to note the similarities and decide to ignore the differences.

Just thought I'd throw that out there, seems pretty unlikely that we would built armor anything like the Forerunner's without Forerunner specifications (which Section 3 could conceivably have...hmmm) or that the Covenant would build armor nothing like Forerunner armor given their reverence for the Forerunners.

Who knows, next time we may have all the answers, with every little story thread tied up by the impending Halo 3.

May have.

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