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September 17, 2007

BINARYGOD ( writes:

I have a small theory to kind-of add onto Mr. Bananas Last Theory. Let's take his theory, ignoring (or not - whichever) the whole 'reseeding process.' If all of what he says is true - that basically Humans ARE forerunners and we are 'Reclaimer's' of our lost technology and history (Halo's, other Forerunner installations, artifacts, etc') perhaps the Prophets actually know this.

This might sound odd - why would the same race you consider god-like and responsible for creating all of that which you find holy now be considered inherently blasphemous and therefore in need of extermination? This is after all the race that defined the path to salvation and created all of this great technology that leads to it, among other advantages.

Well lets think about what the Covenant and the Prophets think that Halo will do. Mercy says 'Halo. Its divine wind will rush through the stars, propelling all who are worthy along the path to salvation.' So the prophets sort of misread what Halo will do. They think it will propel those who are worthy into salvation and leave everyone else behind, or perhaps the know it will kill everything but think that the worthy ones go to 'heaven' and everyone else goes to 'hell' - sort of like judgment day in the new testament of the bible.

So, if humans are forerunner, and the prophets know this - then any humans left over after the last activation of the Halos would be unworthy of the great journey - as anyone who was would not have been left behind. This would make it so that any humans left behind are not worthy and are therefore inherently evil and worthy of annihilation.

This is further backed up by something that Mercy says to MC just before he dies after being attacked by a Flood spore on High Charity: 'Earth. To finish what we started. And this time, none of you will be left behind.' None of 'You' who is he referring to? Since Mercy is only talking to one person and that person is a Human, he must be referring to all Humans when he says that. No one says 'all of you' or 'none of you' to a single person unless they mean every person like that person. Also 'this time' implies there was another time in the past.

To wrap it all up - the Prophets, and perhaps Tartarus (but probably no one else in the Covenant) know that Humans are the forerunner, their gods. They know that humans (forerunner) built everything (Halos, artifacts, etc.) and know the path to salvation, but those who were worthy were taken to salvation by the last activation of the Halos. All those that were not worthy are killed. Obviously something went wrong and some unworthy humans survived therefore any humans that still exists are an abomination and must killed since that is what was supposed to happen in the first place.

This also explains why the covenant allowed other races to join but never gave us a chance and just wanted us eradicated. This is also why they view us handling Forerunner objects or setting foot on the Halos as heresy. This also, while dependant on the idea that Humans are Forerunner, adds more weight right back at that theory. Hmmm, my theory based on someone else's also backs up that theory. Neat.

Like when all your friends leave you lying on the street in a puddle of spilled vodka and irn bru!

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