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September 17, 2007

Alec Reimer ( writes:

The way the game is set up, it is easy to make the
assumption that the Flood was released around the time
of AotCR, but was it?

In the level "Halo", at the section "Reunion Tour",
you come across an empty lifeboat, and Cortana notes
that there are no signs of survivors, but if you have
a marine with you, another piece of dialogue surfaces:

"This lifeboat is trashed, Chief. There are weapons
and supplies but... no bodies!"

Now this is immidiately after the PoA and Covenant
fleet arrive at Halo, so the Covenant/Humans haven't
had much time for searching for "secret weapons
caches", but it would seem to be implied, (since the
Covenant have no interest in Human bodies) that the
Flood took the bodies (I always viewed it as some nice
little foreshadowing there).

Now all of this naturally begs the question, if the
Flood was released before the Humans/Covenant went
digging, does that mean that the Flood was already
loose and running about Halo? Perhaps the Flood have
always been loose, biding their time, and waiting for
some fresh meat for parasitic mutation...

This one's 'containment' and this one's 'further study' and this one's 'zoo' and this one's 'ambient life' are all the same?

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