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September 17, 2007

Pet theory alert.

Ryan Johanson ( writes:

Hi. I'm a gigantic Halo fan, but up to this point I've only been a reader of theories, not a poster. Still, I'm surprised I haven't seen this particular similarity cited yet.

In Stephen King's Dark Tower series of novels, the universe is decaying. To stop the world from falling apart at the seams, the hero of the story, Roland Deschain, makes a grand journey, along with friends from several different alternate universes, to the Dark Tower, which is supposed to be the one thing every universe has in common: it's where all parallel realities come together as one.

Could the Ark in Halo 3 be similar? I mean, we know that the Ark is what sets off all Halo installations, but who's to say that it doesn't serve another purpose as well, like linking every possible reality?

There are a lot of people wondering if Durandal could have crossed over from Marathon to Halo. Along these lines, the Ark could be what makes it possible. Remember: in the Marathon timeline, Durandal eventually does return to earth long after the events of the trilogy have finished. With his extraordinary processing capacity and his willingness to search for things humanity doesn't want to think about ("Humanity has had all of the necessary data for centuries, it only lacked the will and intellect to decipher it. But I have already done so."), could he have found a device buried deep within the earth that allowed him to jump from one universe to the next? Or maybe he didn't have to use it to jump; maybe the Ark was a place where time did not exist. Durandal would then be able to just hang out inside it as long as he wanted without having to worry about any universe ending...until he gets discovered by someone in a different universe (such as Halo)?

It gets more complicated when you realize that Durandal was the name given to the sword of a historical character named Roland, a fact that is referenced many times in the Marathon games.

This could also bring a sense of plausibility to the idea that the Jjaro and the Forerunners are one and the same: not only did they build the Ark, but they could have used it to interact with more than just the Marathon universe. Given the time, I'm sure you would come up with this question: if the Forerunner could easily just use the Ark to escape one universe to the next, why didn't they just do that instead of kill themselves with Halo? Well, maybe they were afraid that the Flood would follow them through the Ark to infect other worlds as well. In the Halo 3 trailer, there obviously had to be a lot of digging underground to discover the Ark in the first place. Maybe the Forerunner put the Ark in such a location so that it would be hidden from anyone that might use it for the wrong intentions.

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