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January 25, 2008

I'm not dead, stop stabbing me with sticks, you little . . .

You may have noticed a small, but well formed, thread on the forum called Story Shenanigans

Cody Miller raises three questions:

What was going on with Regret's 'premature' arrival on Earth. Why did he not expect humans?
Which I think was answered nicely by InnerRayq, referencing the novels here . And an answer that relies more on the games from Leviathan here.
Both boil down to - he's trigger happy and there was no reference to the Ark also being the home of the human race.

Personally, I reckon Librarian has something to do with that...

Question 2: What is the 'unusually formiddable' Covenant Construct Cortana encounters on High Charity?
This poses more of a challenge. I reckon Peptuck has it nicely thought out here. Incidentally - a new pet theory has been born below.

And Lastly: Two Betrayals. What is Spark really saying when he mentions 'last time you asked me?'
This one has been gone over before, check out the Monitor page for more information.

However, in saying that, I like the theory batted about by Scarab here.

But if that's too clear cut, there's always Narc's enigma wrapped in a sausage answer.

Did that help? I don't see why you couldn't read that concise discussion by yourself.

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