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April 1, 2008

The Ark taunts us with more mysteries. Onebitrocket asked a few questions.

Onebitrocket writes:

Question 1: In the opening cutscene for the Ark mission, as the pelicans drop to ground, There appears to be a large holographic structure on the Ark. what is it and where did it go?

Question 2: Where did Truths forerunner ship "dreadnaught' land?

Question 3: What is on the reverse side of the arks surface, is it similar to the outer side of a halo ring?

The holographic structure might be the Citadel, or an optical illusion caused by the distant pinkish clouds. Then again, it might be something similar to the Aurora Borealis on Earth.

As nomis78 pointed out, the location of Truth's ship is too far to be recognized until the Master Chief eventually finds him.

Onebitrocket's final question is easy. The Ark's outer side is almost similar to the Halos, apart from the peculiar core which I haven't been able make anything of yet.

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