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April 2, 2008

Poiso just sent us an interesting theory about Halo's connections to Marathon, and vice-versa.

Poiso ( writes:

All this is likely to have been sent to you before; but it's not on the Marathon tie-ins page and just in case I'm the only one who still combs through this stuff and you are still interested in throwing up info:

The Master Chief is a "Spartan." The tenth Mjolnir Mark IV Cyborg in Marathon who is likely to be the player character is likely to have been involved in the battle for the Martian colony Thermopylae. We've all seen 300, right? Just an ember for the fire, there.

More importantly, the ending of Halo 3 certainly recalls that whole "eternal soldier" thing that's been thrown around, doesn't it? The popular theory for Halo these days is a timeloop, surely Marathon can be a part of that loop. There have always been queues which suggest that maybe Halo came before Marathon and and those which suggest that maybe Halo came after Marathon. Well, why can't it be both? That must work out somehow, whether it involves the universe ending and repeating, or the events just consistently leading into one another, or the whole thing being Durandal's dream after he BECAME the universe, or whatever. Marathon Infinity, whose place in the timeline has always been mysterious, could be concurrent, or bound never to occur because of this infinite loop that we all need "to escape. to escape. to escape."

Thermopylae has also been mentioned in Halo, although somewhat undercurrent. Remember the SPARTAN-III Alpha Company sent in on a suicide mission on a Covenant-controlled asteroid? All "300" of them died on that mission. It makes you wonder if history repeats itself.

The Halo 3 ending has sparked a lot of speculation among Halo fans, believing that it's actually a tie-in to Marathon. The anxiousness ultimately faded away when Bungie confirmed that Halo and Marathon do not take place in the same universe. (Though I do admit that the UESC-UNSC connection had me going.)

Excellent post, Poiso!

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