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April 3, 2008

The Forerunner-Flood first contact.

This is a subject that has never been discussed before on the HSP.

The Flood

[AMS] GreyThor writes:

For whatever reason I can't really get to sleep, so I was thinking. And so I started thinking about the levels in the Halo games that the Master Chief experiences the Flood on, specifically, High Charity. At the end of Halo 2, you witness High Charity becoming a Flood haven, and in Halo 3 you see its complete transformation into more or less a Flood hive.

I played Homeworld: Cataclysm and I remember that storyline, where you run into some derelict probe with a biological oddity on board. It's a common theme in sci-fi literature too - specifically, Christopher Rowley's The Vang.

I think the Flood-Forerunner first contact was the same thing. The Forerunners in the Milky Way found some sort of vessel of extra-galactic origin and somehow were overpowered by the Flood that were in hibernation. It'd fit the common sci-fi theme that I mentioned, and for whatever reason, the Flood repurposed Forerunner technology (ie: ships) to spreading across their worlds as the parasite they are.

But what I really want to know, if Bungie has even thought about it, is what happened at that first contact like we see between the Covenant and Humanity on Harvest? What sort of accident spawned off this 300 year struggle that resulted in the Halo and Ark construction and firing? Was it some derelict vessel that a Forerunner ship encountered or did the Flood suddenly appear with a show of force?

The Flood is a parasite, it doesn't hold the sufficient intelligence necessary to build vessels. The Forerunner-Flood first contact might have occurred in a different way, say on a remote planet where the Forerunners find the Flood and try to contain it. At that point the Forerunner-Flood War began (circa 100,000 years ago).

The Forerunner-Flood contact, however, might have been a lot more violent than the Human-Covenant encounter, and the accident which sparked the whole predicament was the contact itself.

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