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April 5, 2008

We all know that the Master Chief was abducted at the age of six, but do we know anything about his pre-military life?


Connor Smith ( writes:

There was a comment about the age of Master Chief in refernece to his age. The Master Chief was born in 2511, the fall of Reach happens in 2552. This would make the Master Chief 41 years old but the Master Chief is infact a weapon and would spend most of his time in cryo when he is not needed. This meaning his age would be 41 years old but his body would be younger.

Also there is mentioned that the children used in the Spartan-II program all possess certain rare genetic markers. Do these kids have a rare genetic marker or is this a forerunner gene. Combat suits are commented about numerous times in terminals. These suits are used to surivive in many enviroments which seem like somthing the Mark class armor.

During the game the flashes of Cortana she mentioned numerous times i know your past, your present and your future. This leads us to believe that the Master Chief's has past that is unknown to him and even us. The Master Chief was always the most advanced spartan it could be possible that he does not have the rare genetic marker, he could infact be a forerunner.

If the Master Cheif is in fact a forerunner it would explain the spartans. The spartans suits have many higher form of technology such as the shields and the fact that they are controled by the spartans thoughts. The shields is what throws it off. We see the sheilds on the convent elites and the convent ships. I find it odd that the humans were able to develop shields for the spartans shields but not their ships. Could Cortana know who the Master Chief really is could she be a creation of the forerunners.

Medical technology in the 26th century has made it possible to age a bit slower than normal - just look at Sergeant Johnson! - and it's natural for the Master Chief to feel younger.

As for the shields; The Fall of Reach mentions that the UNSC scientific community was able to design the armor shields based on the Covenant Jackal's shields, so it's not exactly their own discovery.

Thanks, Connor!

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