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April 21, 2008

Covenant vs. Phfor

As weird as it seems, it's a possibility.

Stukylemulkey ( writes:

hey my name is Kyle and I am a halo veteran maraton newbie. I have been reading a lot of this stuff you guys have (which is great) but I have a theory of my own. Now if I remember reading all the terminals
correctly the humans fought the phfor and won the battle barely right? Well couldnt this be the covenant just by a different name? Since marathon is 300 years from the original starting point, the phfor could
have attacked the marathon ship and the inner planets and earth simultaneously, thus enabling the mark VI marine to defend his ship and 300 years of technology to take into effect and allow a mark V to defend humanity. Since the timelines are all screwed up this is pure speculation but as I understand in marathon infinity time travel and dimensional portals are all possible, making this possibly relevant.
Thanks for listening to my idea

As speculated before, the Halo and Marathon timelines leave a lot of room for interpretation. Anything could be possible if these two "universes" were connected, including the Covenant-Phfor theory.

Thanks, Stukylemulkey!

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