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May 26, 2008

Sam Robinson writes about the connection between Onyx and the Ark.

Sam Robinson ( writes:

On halo 3 (the mission 'the ark') 343 GS says that he thought the ark was part of somesort of sheild istalation. Having read Ghost of onyx it mentions that Onyx is a shield planet. I don't know how but i think they are linked some how. Any ideas?
Another thing about onyx is the small portal which a group of Spartan-III jump through and land in the middle of a sphere that has a diameter of the earths orbit around the sun (pritty big I'd say) may be, as the book suggests, this is a refuge for the forerunners when they activate the halos, but how could the forerunners suvive in that space when the flood were created to deplete their numbers because they couldn't sustain their population in a whole galaxy?!
And also when the elites fleet travels through the 'portal' they arrive half way between two of the spines yet when the Dawn goes through the portal they are directly above the ark?!

Yes, they are connected in that they both serve as a shelter from the Halos. And the Ark is situated well outside of the Galaxy, so in contrast to Onyx, is a safe place if it isn't found by the Flood.

Thanks, Sam!

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