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July 9, 2008

MJOLNIR Armor. Possible World War II connection.

I've pondered a lot over whether or not I should post this. I decided that even though the subject has been briefly covered to some extent, this is a new theory to the one of the meanings of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.

We know that Bungie is very savvy when it comes to Norse mythology, hence several references like the UNSC Skidbladnir, Valhalla and of course, MJOLNIR. According to the Norse, MJOLNIR was the name of Thor's hammer; a very powerful weapon which when thrown at an opponent came back to the owner (like a Boomerang), and apart from that, was also capable of striking lighting bolts.

This could explain the connection between the Spartan-II's armor and the mythological hammer. The Spartans are weapons themselves, delivering deadly blows to their opponents. But what else is there to say about the MJOLNIR armor, and what other connections might there be between the Spartans and our real world?

A fan emailed us a very interesting theory about a potential connection between the MJOLNIR armor and the real world. The World War II period, to be exact.

Anonymous (Anonymous) writes:

I've been playing Halo since it came out with regular xbox, and shortly there after I found your website. I've read a lot of the posts made by people concerning the Halo story, and in particular the meaning of the MJOLNIR armor.
But I have yet to see the relationship between the MJOLNIR armor and the Nazi propagandist who used the alias Mjölnir. I don't necessarily see a tie between them, but I found it interesting that no one pointed out that Hans Schweitzer in the 1930s made several Nazi propaganda posters and signed the alias Mjölnir on the posters. Here is a link of one such poster (don't worry its not some neo-Nazi website) of an example of Mjölnir's posters, note the upper right hand corner for the signature.

Now, the link that was provided doesn't work. But I've done some research and I've come up with this Wikipedia page and this gallery.

Hans Schweitzer was a German artist known for painting several militaristic propaganda posters for the National Socialist Party. Most importantly, his pen name was "Mjölnir".

This, in my mind, raises a few questions. Just like the Nazis, the UNSC uses massive propaganda and psychological methods to establish its military might. This is where the Spartan-II Program and the MJOLNIR Armor comes in, which in the year 2547 was made public in order to increase humanity's confidence that they were winning the Human-Covenant War. This is extremely similar to World War II, Hans Schweitzer, and the Nazis (which we all know used propaganda to further their way in the war). Moreover, in the 1940's the Nazis were aspiring to be a world-spanning empire, which forms yet another thread to the UNSC, an interstellar empire. The main link here is propaganda, and what the government does in order to protect its credibility and reputation. Extremely believable connection.

This is quite a find. At first glance, it makes you think that the MJOLNIR Armor is based on a fascistic concept, and in my opinion, is as plausible a connection as the Norse hammer myth.

Thanks for the submission.

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