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July 31, 2008

Legendary Ending - a result of time travel?

It does sound Star Trek-like, but Neloms came up with an unprecedented, yet believable, theory on our forum.

Neloms suggests that a possible explanation for the appearance of the planet covered in Forerunner symbols in the Halo 3 Legendary Ending might be caused by a temporal rift once the Portal collapsed - sending the Master Chief and Cortana adrift in the past.

This might also explain Guilty Spark's various remarks throughout Halo: Combat Evolved such as; "Why would you hesitate to do what you have already done?", and "The last time you asked me ..."

Despite the theory's credibility, there are multiple issues that don't add up, one of them being the Chief apparently not recognizing Guilty Spark even though they might have met in the past.

It's a very exciting take on the Halo 3 Legendary Ending and on future Halo stories, so go read and post your thoughts!

Which makes me wonder what the Forerunners look like ...

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