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March 20, 2002

The Pillar of Autumn thinks the Covenant followed and eventually beat them to Halo 04. The Covenant think that the Humans followed one of their ships to the Ring.

Truth be told, neither knew that the other had the exact map they did...

Tristan Wolfe ( writes:

After reading The Fall of Reach twice, I became very interested in the patterns on the rock in the museum and the Covenant infrared transmition at the battle of Sigma Octanus. I believe that the Covenant didn't fallow the Pillar of Autumn to halo. I think that after the insodent at Sigma Octanus, the Covenant went to halo and studied its features after scanning the rock's patterns. MC does recognize the slipstream jump coordinates Cortana made before leaving Reach, and Cortana confirms that the coordinates are very much alike the patterns found on the rock, right?

This brings up a point: Why would the Forerunner leave Halo's coordinates on Sigma Octanus? They must have wanted somebody to find it...

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