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January 22, 2009

Leviathan and Stephen Loftus were chatting away on the forums and brought up this theory:


One thing that I always thought was strange was the fact there was a lake there [at the TRAXUS Complex] at all, especially one that would have been large enough and connected enough to give reason for the shipping seaports we played through. I wonder if Bungie's invention of the lake has anything to do with the theories (unless a Bungie artist talked about it, I can't remember) about there being a huge rise in sea level, hence the old, large sea walls in Mombassa... Maybe there was a very dynamic change in the landscape with that sea rise (if there was one) which led to Voi being connected to the sea. - Leviathan

Enough evidence supports things of that nature. The Global Water Campaign info on the "Ghost Town" map, Kilimanjaro meltwater, the severe cut into the Mombasa island to create more docks and piers, the sea walls as you mentioned... - Stephen Loftus

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