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March 20, 2002

A lot of food for thought, here.

Pfhoenix ( writes:

In the third Cortana letter, it mentions "you seem to be their devil". If you accept that the Covenant's religion is worshiping the Forerunner (taking their relics as holy ones), MC being their devil sort of makes sense. Since Satan was indeed an angel before his fall, MC running around with a Covenant (or is it Forerunner?) shield incorporated into nearly inhuman armor, wouldn't MC look like a fallen angel extracting revenge of sorts against the 'righteous'? 343 Guilty Spark's comments on lost history in The Maw, along with it's other comments, such as calling MC the reclaimer, its line about "Why would you hesitate to do what you have already done" clearly shows that 1) 343GS recognizes in form at the very least MC as someone it's dealt with before and 2) Halo 04 (if not the others as well) have been activated in the past. Now, how could 343GS mistake MC for the previous Reclaimer? Could it be that the MJOLNIR armor has roots in Forerunner (Jjarro?) technology beyond just the shields? That would go to explain the Covenant's Devil/Satan references (by the Grunts when they run away). It might even shed a little light on why the flood were not wiped out - maybe the Forerunner had even more advanced MJOLNIR suits (aka 343GS' comment about upgrading to class 12 from your current class 2) that protected them from the Flood entirely (since mutated forms clearly weren't taken into account by the design of the sentinels). This would mean that the Forerunner didn't fear the Flood directly, only realized their potential in spreading. Thus, Halo would be akin to a petri dish of sorts - we provide bacteria we wish to study a suitable place to live and grow yet we contain it at the same time. We also destroy the protein and the bacteria when we're done.

Now. =) It's pretty well established that the Halo(s) have been activated before. No time frame is given, and to conjecture on one is pretty much without any grounds in hints even. But we can extrapolate a couple things - activating the Halo(s) clearly succeeded in preventing Flood expansion beyond the Halo, the Forerunner may have been human-like bipedals (not saying they were human), and humans were clearly not around at the time of the Halo(s) activation. We do have one sign though - mass extinctions on Earth (potentially as a result of the activation). Dinosaurs, anyone? Huge biomass with brains (some with two even), and as far as we can discern, no sentient life for a period of time afterwards, either. Not sure about the timing. On a final note - it may be that the Covenant hate Humanity with all their religious zeal for the simple fact that the Covenant may know a lot more about the Forerunner.. and know that Humans resemble them in some fashion. Does not the bible preach against the worship of false idols? What do you do to a false idol that seems to offend the very core of your religion?

Somebody's been thinking, I see... ;-)

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