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May 14, 2010

Stephen offers an interesting perspective on the Forerunners' final days before firing the Halos and temporarily neutralizing the Flood threat.

Stephen Kelly ( writes:

After a little reading of the site, I found posts referring to forerunners and humans as being almost completely separate races. This despite 343 Guilty Spark explicitly saying "You are Forerunner!" So I started to think. (Excuse me if someone has already come up with this.) According to the post by Deadguy71, and his extensive research, Humans were long ago cataloged and seeded on Earth after the original detonation of the Halos. Leftover Forerunner AI's like 343 and Bias refer to Humans as "Reclaimers" rather than Forerunners. What I want to know is, how do we know that Forerunners were themselves a race? 343 Guilty Spark refers to us as Reclaimer, yet says we are Forerunner. Is it possible that the Forerunners, like the Covenant, were an alien collective? Although all the Forerunner tech we come across reacts to our human touch, we don't know that it wouldn't react to certain other alien species touch. Maybe humans were very lately added to the Forerunner collective and assigned to be the Reclaimers, the ones who would retake the galaxy. In the terminals, the Forerunner on Earth talks about how great our several hundred thousand year old ancestors are. Perhaps it was that Forerunner's admiration that gained us a spot in a galactic Forerunner will. "You are the child of my makers, Inheritor of all they left behind." Inheritor implies that all this Forerunner tech never belonged to humanity. It was given to us when the Forerunner died. Also, the "child of my makers" line could fit with Deadguy71's theory of Humans being seeded on Earth. If the Forerunner seeded us on Earth, they could be seen as our parents.

There really isn't anything I could add that hasn't already been milked dry by various Reclaimer-Forerunner theories and discussions, but the concept of the Forerunner Empire being a conglomerate of races is intriguing in itself. Although, being a technologically-genial society, why would they need additional, less advanced races to run their empire? They seem to have done fine on their own...

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