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May 14, 2010

Brandon approaches a hot subject with a new idea: how, exactly, would the seven Halos cover the entire Galaxy in order to completely deplete it of living beings?

Brandon Krist ( writes:

I was reading a post by Ryan Hoisington today over his mathematical endeavors into solving the Ring Radius problem, so I decided to also do a little math and research of my own. I found the galaxy (The Milky Way) is aproximatly 100,000 LY by 1,000 LY in size. And along with that the ER (Effective Radius) of one Ring is 25,000 LY in any direction. So we know that at max without the fire zones crossing the rings can be is 50,000 LY not the 43,000 LY that Ape Man mentions at the end of the same post.

I tried to draw some diagrams of the galaxy with the seven rings placed around them evenly and discovered (and also through searching the net) that it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a circle with seven perfectly equal areas.

It is however possible to do it with only SIX rings. But then that poses the question of "Where is the seventh ring?". Its possible that the Forerunners placed it in the galactic core but there is supposedly a black hole there, so maybe they placed it just out of the BH's gravitational pull. that is a plausible thing to do since no matter what the height of the galaxy is going to be covered.

If anyone has anything else to add on to it feel free too.

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