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March 20, 2002

Oskar Lissheim ( writes:

I have some speculation about who wrote the poem in the "Kill your TeleVision" terminal. As Daniel so precisely pointed out, it's John-117 who's the author. I found some more evidence in the Marathon Story page, where you can read the whole unbroken transmission.

So, first, a "Sword drenched in my blood". Cortana is the name of a sword, and "drenched in my blood" is of course that the Artificial Intelligence named Cortana resides inside John's brain (you insert the memory-crystal in the back of your head in the beginning of Halo, remember? Read Fall of Reach and you will get this with the AI's a lot better).

"The Garden" is obviously the Halo(s?), "forgotten, untended and now choked with weeds, unvisited except for ourselves", and "she splinters an ancient oak" and also the line "i powder agranite monument in a soundless flash" is the destruction of the Pillar of Autumn and Halo (The 'Alpha' Halo that is of course...).

Then we have the line "our relationship is complex and perhaps eternal" that means that because Cortana is in fact inside John it's kindof a complex relationship (no shit :) and also eternal because she dies with him...unless she voluntarily leave, of course.

Finally, after the destruction of Halo , the line "she leaves and i lie in the slow rain of burning slivers of wood, staring at the low, dark clouds,craving our next meeting." signifies John's constantly reappering moral dilemmas as he's leaving the Halo, and all the organisms - may they be human, Covenant of Flood - on it, behind him. Dreaming (nightmares?) about his his next mission...

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