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March 20, 2002

Syn Vulture ( writes:

As an avid follower of the marathon story line, I have migrated to Halo looking for some grains of truth that may relate back to the thing I love ;)

While reading about The Flood, I may have figured out what they are for. Some have asked why the Forerunners would have kept The Flood alive rather then destroying them outright, This may be why; I believe someone already brought up 'The Flood as Doomsday Device' theory, and I would like to expand on it a little. It was really what 343GS calls the player, 'Reclaimer' that got me on this line of thought. If The Flood was being used as a Cold War style weapon, say it was used. The Flood is released from the Halo(s) and kills whatever the Forerunners may have been in opposition to. So now you have a lot of space unusable because of all this 'Flood' floating around. Now you 'Reclaim' the space by detonating the Halo(s) (since I remember seeing it mentioned that those on the Halo(s) at point of explosion some how survive) thus wiping the space free of any Flood.

Of course, this brings up the point that if the Forerunners could make a device able to clear such an expanse of space, why would you need The Flood at all as a Doomsday Device?

Well, inscrutable, enigmatic alien races are awfully hard to figure out, sometimes... ;-)

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