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March 20, 2002

Sean Hansell (The Majin) ( writes:

This is in addition/spin-off to Ryan's theory on the nature of the covenant, so credit him for my revelation.

Part 1:
The Covenant and The Forerunner could've had a relationship somewhere in the past. Perhaps the Forerunner were member race of the Covenant, a race of builders. Somewhere along the line, the Forerunners crossed or defected from the Covenant. (It would help to know here who just the Covenant?s ?gods? were)
The Covenant declared war on the Forerunner, wiping them into extinction. Some of the Forerunner Earth. Only a few, that made it to reproduce and evolve into the human race. Over time the legend of the Covenant disintegrated into memory.

Part 2:
When the Human race started to become technologically evolved, they began to expand into a small empire. Somehow, the Covenant came across the human installation, Harvest. Surprised at the re-emergence of their old partners, the Forerunner, they immediately destroyed the colony. Now they have declared war on the Humans. This would explain a load of different things.

1. Why GS recognizes you as Human/Forerunner.
2. Why the Covenant have such a seemingly non-existent reason for hating your guts.
3. Why Covenant and Halo/Forerunner technology is almost identical.
4. Why the Covenant worship the Halo, the death ground for the Forerunner they destroyed.
5. Why GS is surprised you brought such "ineffective weapons" to combat the Flood.

A very tidy theory. Sean goes on to point out that it doesn't explain the Flood, but it does do a very good job on the other species. Any thoughts? ;-)

This is the thread over on the HBO forum that Sean is referring to. As usual, go check it out!

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