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March 20, 2002

David Bergland ( writes:

Oh the last level 343 GS performs a "local tap" on Cortana's "data arrays" and gets really excited about human history, which is all well and good, but he continues to scan the ship's systems for more, even after Cortana is unpluged. If Cortana really did purge the ship's computers in accordance with the "Cole Protocol" 343 GS shouldn't find anything interesting. He seems shocked that the Chief would destroy "this ship and this record" when there shouldn't be any data in the ship at all.

Here goes. What if Cortana realised that humans have no chance, and that continuing to aid their doomed cause might get between her and her goals (what ever they may be). Perhaps Cortana left the data in the POA for the Covenant to find so that humanity would be destroyed completely. With no one to fight for, the Master Chief would become a better pawn and vessle for her to use.

I want to believe Cortana's a friendly AI like Leela, but she seems too much like SOMEONE ELSE.

Tyrannical AIs. They're Everywhere!

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