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April 10, 2002

He then goes on to address the potential flaw in his theory with regards to the Forerunner symbology used by the Elite Covenant.

Now, the only thing to contradict this theory is that the Elites have the symbols of Halo engraved on their backs. I can think of several ways to explain this.

1. The Covenant Elites put the symbols there, sort of to "mark territory."

2. The Elites are similar to humans - height, weight, etc. The major differences are the barbaric aspects of the Elites, and their color/blood variations. Well, they could simply be another heavily evolved version of the Forerunner, just as the humans are, though, according to my theory, we seem to show more physical similarities to the Forerunner. The symbol could have been created by an Elite mind similar to a Forerunner mind. Also, an Elite in great political position may have "psychic" powers, just as humans do (ESP), and have vague emanations of clairvoyance which represent the Forerunner. It may be a symbol to represent their history, or their religion.

Let me also say this... the symbol on the Covenenat backs is NOT skin. I've seen some dead, flood-killed Elites with a PERFECT circle cut into their back that would hold the Forerunner logo, but isn't there. The Flood may eaten it, or something... but, it's not part of the Covenant's molecular structure, I know that.

Where'd that symbol go? ;-)

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