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April 10, 2002

It has been postulated before that, since 343 Guilty Spark recognizes us, our outward appearance must be similar to that of the Forerunner (assuming that it was a Forerunner who had previously activated Halo). It has also been theorized that our MJOLNIR armor has some connection to the Covenant, but we must remember that in Halo: The Fall of Reach we learned that the MJOLNIR armor is purely a human creation (the Covenant shield technology is added later). Masenko-Ha checks in with some coherent (and well-written!) thoughts: ( writes:

I think the Forerunner is an ancient form of the human race, and here's why:

One: Halo 04 has the same atmospherical conditions as those on Earth. Similar weather, similar gravity and similar habitat. The marines can breathe and move like normal on the ring, and this is proof of my theory.

Two: Similar technologies. It is a highly believed theory that 343 Guilty Spark thinks he has seen the Master Chief before, and that is probably because the Forerunner - or the ancient humans - are very similar to the Master Chief. Would the humans, given enough thousands, millions or billions of years evolve in a somewhat relative manner? I think so... and this would mean creation of some of the same devices, specifically noted here: the MJOLNIR armor.

Three: We don't know where the Forerunner came from. They obviously aren't from Halo, but created them, just as humans - once our technology advances - may be able to do. They simply colonized, just as the humans have. I believe that every technology displayed by the Forerunner could be achieved by humans, given we live long enough for our technology to advance.

Four: the Covenant called a "Holy War" on the humans, and thought it incredibly urgent to take control of Halo before the humans. Now... why would any race so technologically advanced, and well-allied just begin the genocide of a race they nothing about?

343 Guilty Spark's babblings prove that the Forerunner have fired Halo before. Perhaps the Covenenant witnessed, or maybe even barely survived the firing of Halo and now believe that the Humans are Forerunner.

As a matter of fact, the Covenant could even know that the Humans are just the descendants of the Forerunner, but with similar technologies and physicallities, would not our mind-sets be overall the same? And then, we'd be just as capable as the Forerunner to fire Halo again, given the right Human gets their hands on the devastating controls of Halo.

So... how did the Human genetics get on Earth? There are a million possibilities... I'm sure you can think of one. Remember: the Forerunner DID colonize, and we DO NOT know the limits of Forerunner technology.

Would something as specific as our armor survive in genetic memory to be created again eons later? "Oddly familiar, as if from an old dream", eh? Make that a really old dream... ;-)

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