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April 20, 2002

We get a lot, and I mean a lot, of submissions here that attempt to explain the relationships between the Humans, the Forerunner, the Covenant, and the Flood. If you've sent something in, keep an eye out for Halo Prehistory Day, coming Soon to the Halo Story Page!

Today, however, we have an interesting submission from SlimJD747 that deals, not with the who or the how or the what of Halo, but the when. ( writes:

Perhaps the Pillar of Autumn jumped farther into space then they bargained for. I beleive it is a possibility they jumped into time itself.

Once Reach fell, i belive the covenant traced the inner colonies over hundreds maybe thousands of years eventually leading back to Earth. I beleive that it was here on Earth in which the Forunner spawned. With Covenant dominaiton and destruction of the planet in a mere matter of hours, one can specualte the amount of escape ships trying to evade the Covenant, i believe many of them met such luck.

Prior to the covenant attack on Earth, a new protocol called Project Halo was created. Its purpose was to create the ultimate super soldier, and turn the tides of the war.

Construction was to begin, but then the Covenant attacked.

Each fleeing ship carried the technical information and highly advanced technology(compared to mastercheifs time) needed in order to build such facilities.

Dispersed throughout the galaxy, the survivors began constructing these halo's. And on it began the creation of a last, desperate hope. As far as anyone had known the proud Spartan soldiers had all been wiped out to events prior to and of the Fall of Reach. Now a less technical, precise super soldier was being created. One with numbers as its greatest weapon, and persitance is greatest allie.

However the experiment would be cut terribly short when the soldiers overhelmed there creators. The soldiers were like a disease, a flood, and they consumed all they could.

With highly advanced technology and wepaons the flood were managed to be surpressed, however not before the halo's super smart A.I was reassinged with ensuring the captivity of the flood, and executing whatever means necessary to ensure that captivity. Halo's defense systems were re routed and created into a highly dangerous though very effective last result, a self destruct sytem unique from anyother.

Those who were not killed, fled for their lives, and possibly the lives of other survivors, to tell of the horrors of the halo. Covenant forces who have long set out to search and destroy these myth halo super weapons find one, and investigate with victory thirsty mouths, and morbid curiosity. But what they find , is more than they bargained for. In a way project Halo works as desired, only with a hefty price no one could have estimated.

Then you arrive, on a blazing saddle (literally) you'r war stricken ship is bound for going down. And you land on what you think to be an alien world. However this ring planet is probably the closet thing to human you will encounter.

The POA arrives way in the future, unaware of the countless events that took place prior to their arrival.


You land on Halo and encounter many things. One of these things being the Halo smart A.I installation...GS 343. Here begins the first proof of human forunner. The A.I speaks english, a specific human language. Not only that but it speaks it with a rather British type voice. Such a voice one could imagine not to be a translater default tone.

This A.I also makes other intresting remarks, "stop acting so human"(spoken when shot at several times). The A.I is aware in the behavior of humans, and with no prior conact with the humans, how could they? Unless of coarse they were human.

Also the A.I recognizes your battle armor as level 2. What then is level one, perhaps the armor used by the marines in Marathon, the same armor the spartans trianers use, the one Dr. Halsey shrugs off as "antiques". Notice how both are human made. And in the time you missed while jumping through space and time, its very likley up to 12 or more type armor has been created, as recommened by the flaoting, sputtering genious himself.

It has been assumed that the comments made by 343 GS indicate the rise, fall, and rise of at least one of the civilizations represented on Halo. To turn that scenario inside-out, as it were, and keep the timeline coherent, that's some seriously creative thinking! Keep it up, readers! :-)

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