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January 16, 2002

Justin Graham ( writes:

Hey all-
When I beat Halo the first time, something odd struck me about 343 Guilty Spark's speech. When Cortana points out its manipulation of the Master Chief into nearly destroying the sentient population of the galaxy, 343 says something to the effect of "When you did it the last time, you asked me if I would do it if I were in your position. I have had many years to think on this question, and my answer is still yes." (I'm sorry that I don't have the exact quote, but I am sure many of you will know what I am talking about.) This may mean that 343 has seen a Mjolnir suit before, possibly tying in with Durandal's exploits with his pet super-soldier, who incidentally also wears a suit of Mjolnir armor...
On that note, do we even know the extent of Durandal's exploration? I know this is a Halo page, but seriously, give it some thought. When you hear the word Forerunner mentioned in the game, is it plural, as in reference to a forerunner race of sentient beings, or is it singular, a title of awe and power for a single entity? From what I have read of the Marathon lore, I have come to believe that Durandal made it to the end of the Universe, reaching some kind of Omega Point, where all information, time, space, matter, etc., became one. Should this be the case, and should Durandal have survived partially intact, he might have launched himself to the beginning of time, and continued with his mischief. At the end of Marathon Infinity, I believe, Durandal ordered his pet soldier to destroy a sun, causing mass destruction. He has an affinity for mass destruction as far as solving large problems. I suppose the cleansing of an entire galaxy of sentient life wouldn't be too large a moral stretch for him.
Aside from that, the precursor race to the S'Pht seem to have had some serious technology as far as manipulating energy and space. I suppose that their leaving the S'Pht world might have taken them to a place where they would eventually be able to create a device such as Halo. Due to the nature of the device, however, I believe that it would have taken extreme personal peril to cause such a race to create and eventually use the weapon. Perhaps it was that they were at first immune, or had caused the creation of the Flood, so that they felt responsible for its release. Perhaps they were ready to leave the galaxy and move off into a far space to pursue their own agendas, and the Flood have been a tool of theirs which could not have been allowed to run unchecked, but they were unable to effectively cleanse the worlds it had touched, but still left their amassed data and the samples of Flood behind in order to perhaps return to them one day. On a more sinister note, if the Forerunners, assuming they are a race, had planned on returning, would they really want company in what could potentially be their own private galaxy? The Halo-like devices would be an effective tool for freeing up some realeastate for their return...
Anyway, that is enough speculation for one night. Write back if you feel so inclined. Before I get to sleep, though, one thing does bother me: If the soldier of Durandal was using Mjolnir body armor, and the Pfor boarded the Marathon while she was in sub-light speed due to the fact that FTL capabilities hadn't been reached yet (according to the Marathon stories), then how can Project Mjolnir have been started just after the first Covenant contact, when the UNSC was using FTL drives? Oh well, time for sleep.


Marathon connections abound...and these are some good ones. 343 Guilty Spark's seeming past knowledge of the Master Chief brings up many questions, but when you get right down to it, who looked the most like the Master Chief that we've met? I'm not sure about you, but it's my personal opinion that there's quite a resemblance between our friendly Chief and the 10th Military Mjolnir Mark IV Cyborg ( Just a hint. :)
As for the Forerunner, they certainly do bear hints of Jjaro-ness; strange symbols, sweepingly large structures, mysterious backgrounds only hinted at in their still-living computer guardians.
And as for the final question, there is one thing to note. Though it may seem nitpicky, there is never an "A.D." on a date associated with Halo. This seems to me the sort of trick Bungie would be liable to pull. Halo could take place before Marathon, if they use the same date system, or hundreds, thousands, perhaps even millions of years later. Which brings us right back to the Ark Theory and all of its offshoots (which, once again, will be explored fully in a special article forthcoming from the Halo Story Page staff).

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