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June 7, 2002

Finally, we could not let this one pass us by:

Kurt Eskew ( writes:

...343 GS interest in human history, the strange symbols, and the covenants religious obsession with Halo. It all points to one thing, the Forerunner are the descendents of the artist formally known as Prince. Just think about it for a second. What else could be the explination. My theory is that Prince, or what ever he is called now, was frozen and launched into space. He landed on an alien world, defrosted, and began cloning himself. He then transmitted his music throughout the galaxy where the Covenant picked it up. They loved it and began to seek out its source. The genetically enhanced Prince then constructed Halo, conceived an entire language with just symbols and duplicated is devout fans, the flood. However the flood soon became disinterested and drove their masters from the Halo, a long time passes and eventually MC comes by.

Kind of ends the discussion once and for all, doesn't it? ;-)

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