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June 7, 2002

Warren Wilson ( writes:

Factual evidence in the Library is abundant and is supplied in brief intervals by 343 GS's random statements. To first take a crack at analyzing the whole mystery, we must ask ourselves the oh so common question of "who does 343 GS think the MC is?" He refers to MC as reclaimer, and talks throughout the entire game as if our hero, John 117, is part of an old, recognizable race with whom the floating monitor is already familiar. Well that's because he is. MC is forerunner, just as all humans once were.

When 343 GS lectures you about bringing ineffective weapons, despite the containment protocols, he talks as if you already knew the protocols. How could you have, unless you are part of the race that originally constructed Halo? He also refers to the other race (the covenant) as being responsible for releasing the Flood. Indeed we know they are, for Cortana informs us of this when she freaks out in Halo's control room back in the fifth board. "The other race" signifies there being two races, one which you must be a part of since he's addressing the statement to you. Once again, this clues you into being forerunner, for it is unlikely that the monitor has been exposed to more races than those who have made it onto halo, and if he is only aware of two, and one is the covenant, then the other must be human/forerunner.

343 GS also identifies your battle suit as being class two, and suggests upgrading to class twelve. If he recognizes your suit, it must be based on a technology that is forerunner and human at the same time. Perhaps this is the shield system, stolen from the covenant, the same system that makes the elites so darn hard to take down. But where did the covenant get it from. Well, talk about loopholes, probably from technology laying around in halo. This would give reason to 343 GS recognizing the model of your armor (despite how inferior he makes it sound).

However, one of the more important clues is in what 343 GS says towards the end of the Library, when he comments "The installation was specifically built to study and contain the Flood. Their survival as a race was dependent upon it. I am grateful to see that some of them survived to reproduce." Whose survival as a race, the Flood? Certainly not, that would be inconsistent with what he'd been saying all along. Most likely he's referring to the Forerunner. Granted, we don't know anything about why the flood was necessary for the survival of the forerunner, and why there was a previous outbreak. Heck, it might even be possible that the forerunner created the flood for some perverse reason. What we do know is that he's referring to you, MC, as being that offspring, and if the race he's talking about is the forerunner, which it most undoubtedly is, then he is identifying you as forerunner as well.

And how is it that Humans evolved the same way a second time (or third, or fourth, on and on)? Why, Destiny, of course.

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