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June 7, 2002

Acerdude17 ( writes:

The Forerunner is/was evidentally far superior to any other race discovered at the time. To me the answer is blatantly obvious. The Forerunner consists of a fleet artificial intellegences (including centinals and and monitors, like 343 GS). I come to the conclusion based on the simple fact that Halo was designed to wipe life-forms away clean, the only reasonable reason somebody would build such a device is because they aren't organic life-forms. Really, why would you wipe yourself out with all that technology, or even create the capability for doing so? Anyway, the Forerunner built Halo to function as a life-form research center, that explains why it was built so as to sustain life, but also have the capabilities of wiping it away. They began by starting with simple things such as the trees, flowers, shrubs, and grass. Then the set of robotic "species" began to make infectious spores, later to become known as the flood. The Forerunner dis! covered how parasitic life was able to conquer all the simple life forms. Evidence of that particular experiment can be found in the level "343 Guilty Spark" (with all the infected trees/swamp areas).

Is there any evidence that the Forerunner were biological beings? If not, then these might have some real merit. If we are to eventually unravel this story, and not just speculate endlessly about different fantastic possibilities (which isn't necessarily bad, mind you ;)) then we ought to be able to support our theories primarily with evidence from the game, and secondarily from the book.

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