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June 7, 2002

The Forerunner were The God-Like Planters of the Galaxy

Specifically, that their DNA is integrated into ALL species, Humans and Covenant included. We are 'cousins' of the Covenant, if you will.

Dustin M. ( writes:

I would figure that the Forerunners were either the first or one of the first sentient beings in the universe and that they saw that their species was coming to an end. I would speculate that the Flood is the cause. As a last ditch effort to keep the species alive, they plant their DNA in every possible alien species evolving into what they think will be sentient. This DNA is routed so that their achievements and developments will evolve with the species. (Hence the same symbols with the covenant that are seen on Halo and when 343GS remarks about seeing the Mjolnir armor on the MC before.)

They construct the Halos and 343 GS and kill off themselves and any other sentient beings at the time to stop the flood spread. The species they implanted the DNA in were not affected as they weren't sentient yet. The species evolved and discovered Halo.

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