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June 7, 2002

A Flood... ...of Submissions

In honor of today's triumvirate of my birthday, the one-month pre-anniversary of Bungie Day, and the official 100th un-responded submission in my inbox (a benchmark that shall henceforth not be repeated), I'd like to present An Update!

Who were the Forerunner? Why do the Covenant wear Forerunner symbols? Where did the Flood come from? Who does 343 Guilty Spark think the Master Chief is? Why does the Halo destroy the Flood's food, but not the Flood themselves? Are all of these things connected in some way? And does Durandal fit into this at all? ;-)

We've received a really large number of submisions that attempt to answer one or many of these questions. I apologize to everyone for not responding sooner on some of the more coherent ones, and I've tried here to compile a selection with submission credit given where I can.

We'll look today at the idea of the Forerunner and who/what they are/were.

The Forerunner were Covenant

Dolores Beaulieu ( writes:

You see, the Covanent and Forerunner are very much alike. They have the same control pannels, the installations on Halo shoot plasmma just like the Covanent weapons, and the Forerunner robots and the Covanent both speak English.

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