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August 14, 2002

In regards to a previous post about the "Keyes Blob", Fletcher came up with this.

Fletcher Johnston (FLETCHER.JOHNSTON@FIN.GOV.ON.CA) writes:

Isn't it possible that the flood figured that they should combine Keyes (with his immense skill as a captain) with the commander of the covenant cruiser? That way, they'd get the best of both worlds... a blob with Keyes' smarts, and the covenant commander's knowledge of the ship and covenant technology...

While it's easy to think of the Flood as mindless spores, infesting and mutating seemingly at random, perhaps it's not that simple. Do they have intelligence? The Forerunner did decide to retain the Flood, setting up 343 Guilty Spark and the "weapon" features of the Halo itself as a part of the failsafe system should the Flood escape. Which brings us back to the same old question: Why keep the Flood, yet maintain the ability to destroy all organic life in the galaxy should the Flood get out?

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