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September 18, 2002

An update? Don't be silly, it is only a small one. There will hopefully be more shortly. But to show that there is more alive at the Story Page than just hair and fingernails...

DJ France ( writes:

If the Flood are a virus, that can be kept in a fairly small space, then why go to the trouble to build Halo(s) in the first place? Isn't there a better way to destroy the Flood than by killing it's food?

A superior race like the Forerunner would want to keep their budget and spending limits nice and tidy I would think. I couldn't begin to imagine the building cost of even one Halo! But the possibility of 4 or more Halos in the galaxy, or even more in the universe? You're in the big $$$$$$$ there.

Why build only one when you can have seven for 7 times the price :)

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