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January 18, 2002

craZy ( writes:

I'd hate to disagree with anybody, but I have to in this instance. When Mr. Yun said that Cortana could control the Master Chief, he was somewhat incorrect.

In the Fall of Reach, page 252, third paragraph from the end. The Master Chief was being introduced to his new battle armor, which had two major updates from the last one. The first was shields. The second was the spot for Cortana. The Master Chief was worried that Cortana would be able to control the armor, and Dr. Hasley said "No."

So even if Cortana was rampant, the very worst was a voice in the Master Chief's head telling him to KILL KILL KILL.


During all of our ponderings, it's important to keep in mind the Fall of Reach. This latest submission is a reflection of that. Halo is the story; Fall of Reach is the framework. At least, that's the way it falls out for US: we've got to interpret away, completely unknowing what Bungie put into Fall of Reach and what Eric Nylund did. But that's the fun part. :)

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