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October 18, 2002

Foe Hammer. Just where did our super saucy favorite flying troop transport come from?

Necko Divad ( writes:

I noticed that in The Fall of Reach the Pillar of Autumn is listed as having only 3 Pelicans. While playing the game however I noticed that there were 4. One crashes in the level Silent Cartographer, the second on AotCR, the third in 343 Guilty Spark, and then there is Foe Hammer trying to pick you up in the Maw. Where did the other Pelican come from? My best guess is that some people on Reach managed to evacuate before it was destroyed. That would leave it open that others made it off too.

Could some of the Spartans have survived as well?

Spartans away on other missions? More groups being trained? Possible survivors from Reach? Who says we're a dying breed :)

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