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November 12, 2002

Galaxy cleansing technology or galaxy cleansing xenoform...which to use, which to use...

Dustin Green ( writes:

...But in my opinion, the most logical reason that you would keep a dangerous organism is if you needed it. perhaps it was neccisary for research, food, i think as a weapon is unrealistic since they already had the halos which can destroy all significant life. anyway, i think the answer lies in examining t! he basic needs of the Forerunners.

Why would the Forerunner need the Flood? They have the ultimate super-weapon, so there's no need for an inferior, biological alternative. (Even if the Halo was only built after the first encounter with the Flood, the Forerunner nevertheless had the ability to manufacture such a thing) To create a "mass strilization protocol" such as the Halo's primary weapon, they must have felt pretty strongly about the survival of the Flood. After all, a whole galaxy is a terribly large thing to gamble on. Unless, of course, they didn't think there was anything worth saving in this particular galaxy...

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