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November 12, 2002

Ben Haire ( writes:

During the mission 343 guilty spark, when you first come across the installation, I noticed something that caught my eye. As you approach it, a fairly large group of covenant run away from it, like they often run away from you when you have the upper hand. They are being fired at with an assault rifle. Of course most people think this is the flood, but if it was, then why didn't it follow the covenant out? Have you ever known a flood warrior to not pursue it's target?

Which leaves a human force, but in all honesty, do you think the humans would be able to break a covenant force they like that? Especially after being attacked by the flood, they'd just want to get out of there.

The next clue comes when you walk into the installation, as you approach the elevator, it returns from the bottom of the shaft, indicating someone has just gone down there. In my mind, that definitely rules out the flood. So, the question is, who or what, could break a covenant force using a human assualt rifle no less, then ride down an elevator into a flood installation?

Is it the Flood? Or is it something much more than that? ;-)

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