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November 13, 2002

He goes on:

as for the humans, here's some conjecture. perhaps early humans were stranded forerunners. this would explain the genetic similarities but the lack of forerunner tech on the human's part. why do the cov. hate them? perhaps they know that humans are forerunners but that they have seemingly forsaken their technology. perhaps they think that the humans were a banished sect of the forerunners and so see themselves as completing the task of banishment by utterly destroying the humans. perhaps the cov. think that human existence is a blasphemy. we won't know until halo 2 when i believe we will see more of the religious leaders. all we've seen so far is the soldiers and since when were soldiers ever let in on the whole story?

The part about being "stranded" is an especially interesting idea, and very popular in sci-fi. Oh, for a glimpse at Halo 2! :-)

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