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November 28, 2002

Nate ( writes: wrote the following:

"Somebody recently speculated about why Covenant Elite can be infected and not the Master Chief. Well, in Two Betrayals, you end up stumbling across a dead Elite and a dead Grunt, both covered by Flood Infection forms. No matter what you do, (save shoot them) you cannot get those Flood to react to you. My best guess at the matter is that they are converting the dead Covenant into Flood.

So I guess what makes the Master Chief special over the Elites is that he isn't dead."

I want to bring up a contradictory point. On the level "343 Guilty Spark," if you actually take the time to listen to everything the frightened marine with the pistol yells at you, he says "That's what I did...I played dead. They took the live ones!" (I may have misquoted a word or two, but the message was the same.) This brings up a mystery/puzzle/enigma/conundrum. If the Flood appear to infect dead bodies (remember Cortana's observation of the Flood gathering dead bodies in the "Keyes" level), then how did this marine escape? Why did the Flood take the LIVE ones?

Dead = Food. Live = Host (or worse).

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