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November 28, 2002

Continuing this, from KitzBritz (

I've been thinking along the lines of why the flood are so important, or so dangerous, to a race that extinguish all life from a galaxy in one fell swoop. We know the rings are meant to stop the flood because Cortana says so, and so this rules out many possibilities (one of which may have been that the Forerunners were simply sparing the galaxy a gruesome fate). Perhaps the Forerunners were afraid of what the Flood could one day become. Think about it: Why doesn"t the weapon merely destroy the Flood, instead of all life in a galaxy? The sentinels make it obvious that the Forerunners could kill the Flood if they really tried, which must mean that they think the energy it would take to preserve carbon-based life would be better spent on other things, so they figure they"ll just kill the food supply and end the Flood, much like the way we might think of lesser creatures on earth. Perhaps the Forerunners were not alive the way we know life. This is supported also by the fact that has been pointed out many times; sentinels were not made to handle converted races. A few drones can easily overwhelm a sentinel, as can the MC.

After all this, the best theory I can come up with is this: The Flood are not carbon-based at all, or are not alive in the way we think of it. Otherwise, Halo would kill them, as well as every other large mass of life in the galaxy.

One would think, from what we've seen, that the Forerunner would obviously possess the tools and the know-how to kill the Flood in whatever form they manifested themselves. If it is a question of priorities or convenience, what is it that their energies could be better spent on?

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