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November 28, 2002

And of the same ilk, Spoonjoppa ( writes:


How does Halo work as a weapon? It's not a cudgel, but it's also not a nuke. It doesn't blow everything up and wipe out all life, just that with sufficient bio-mass. So what kind of weapon would pick out only things that are large enough to kill flood? Perhaps Halo, when detonated, sends out a mutant form of flood that simply eat and eat or mutate incorrectly and then die out quickly. Maybe that's the reason for keeping the flood... to make a mutant form whose DNA can be contained within the Index???

Lastly, how did Bungie get to be so frickin' awesome? I just got an idea! Maybe the forerunners started Bungie and with all their advanced technology, so they could make the best game ever...

Bungie? A mere front for Forerunner operations? Hmmm... That explains quite a bit actually ;)

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