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January 21, 2002

The Flood were created by the Forerunner in a vain attempt to control populations...

Charles George ( writes:

Playing through level 5, Assault on the control room I noticed Cortana said something that kind of caught my ear. She called Halo a fortress world. With a little help from Google I learned that a "Fortress world" is also a model for future earth. More info can be found here:

Basically a fortress world is the a world where the rich and poor are extremely segrated and constantly at war. The world is overcrowded, filled with Disease and lacking in the food and natural resources to feed it's ever growing population. In this world a few nations grow excessively rich and territorial, like the US (except for the whole military forced isolation thing ;).

My Bungie anylisis skills arent that great, but I'll give it a shot. Halo is a fortress world, a world where the rich forced themselves into fortress areas and try to keep out the poor of the world looking for the respite. In order to control the poor they released the flood virus into their population, perhaps to make them subservient (notice how the flood seem to serve a central intelligence). But when the experiment went horribly wrong the Fore runnner converted the Halo's into the giant bombs that we play on. They built the libraries on each Halo in an attempt to contain the flood through research, but they failed and eventually the flood won the day.

Just some rampant musings.

That the Flood might have been created by the Forerunner would certainly be an interesting twist...

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