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December 2, 2002

Kevin Frank ( writes:

...the sentinels carry weapons that look like surgical lasers. The sents could have been made to just dissect flood, or to use the lasers as tools to break and repair metals. They did contain the flood for long periods of time, so it would be logical the sents used their lasers to dissect the flood. The forrunners probably didn't plan on fighting the flood, just planned to activate halo. Something else is weird, the Monitor says," you brought such ineffective weapons to combat the flood." Could he have been talking to the sents, or the MC. But the shotgun takes out in one hit! Pistil in like 3 or so! And frag grenades are more useful against flood! Probably was the sents...

So, could 343 Guilty Spark have been talking about the Sentinels with that comment? After all, your basic weaponry is much better for fighting the Flood than the Sentinels'...

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