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December 2, 2002

Finally! Someone that has read Starhammer and has a few words to say about it! Ryan had also posted this to the HBO forum, where a spirited discussion ensued.

Ryan Parsons ( writes:

Every race reaches a level where the only way to go is out, to expand, to find other planets and galaxies in which to gather resources to supply the endless appetite of it's peoples. Imagine this; Forerunner ships reach the Milky Way. They have traveled hundreds of light years, and find a few blooming races that pose no threat as of yet, but do resist the initial attacks. So, they design a few devices to keep these races at bay until reinforcements arrive. These devices? Fortress worlds. Worlds that have the power to completely eradicate the galaxy of all sentient life. Or, if destroyed, release the flood. Either way, everything in this galaxy is in trouble. This is the common link that Starhammer and Halo have. Both have a weapon of enormous power that contains an adaptive super-parasite. In Halo, these weapons were structures hidden in out of the way solar systems. In Starhammer, these weapons were gigantic crawling machines hidden in the bottom of oceans in out of the way solar systems. Also, both weapons had an AI guardian bound by strict rules (343 Guilty Spark and the Keeper) who were tasked with keeping the virus contained within the structure.

Once again people, if you're at all interested in what the Flood are, how they function, and what their role in the Halo Story is, you really ought to try to find these books.

(Not that the Flood are entirely derived from Rowley's works, but as starting points go, these three books are as good as it gets. ;-))

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