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December 2, 2002

James Simone ( writes:

...just wanted to start another orund of speculation aobut what the Monitor says about the Flood: "Your environment suit should serve you well when the Flood begins to alter the atmosphere. You are a good planner"

What is he talking about? Other than that one sentence, he never mentions that the Flood need to alter the atmosphere! I mean, they are trying to get off planet, are they not? I've seen the note about the Silent Cartographer ocean levels low, and I'd like to note that this is perhaps a sign that the Flood were releases before 343GS, or even Assualt on the Control Room...

That comment about "altering the atmosphere" fairly screams to be analyzed. Altered for what? As James says, if the Flood just want to get a ship or two in working order so they can get off Halo and out into the galaxy, why mess with the atmosphere? Modifying something as large as the entire atmosphere seems to imply that at least some of the Flood are staying on Halo for some reason. I wonder why? :-)

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