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December 2, 2002

December! Ah, if only the Flood would alter the atmosphere around here. Some snow would sure make it more winter-like.

Meanwhile, deep in the HSP mailbag...

Ben ( writes:

...then it is easy to establish that humans still (assuming Halo is set in the future) use callsigns - Echo 419, Foe Hammer, Fire Team Charlie, etc. The Covenant appear to have no signs on their dropships or Commanders to signify anything like this system humans use. Even the Truth and Reconciliation has no distinguishing features. Meanwhile, Echo 419 has its name blazoned over it in large, block, white letters. Unless the Covenant are active constantly over radio (or whatever they use) then how can they be sure who's who of their army?

Interesting point. They do have a bit of symbology on their bodies and they are usually found in what might be termed "squads", but there isn't much to distinguish one Elite from another. If you're a Grunt or a Jackal you probably don't ask a whole lot of questions, though...

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